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Any organization that supports the educational, scientific, and charitable mission of Dryad is eligible to become a member. Upon acceptance, a membership agreement and request for dues will be sent to the address given.

If you are unable to meet the Membership Fees, please contact to discuss alternative pricing. If your organization is in a position to support Dryad at a higher level than our posted fees, we would be happy to further discuss.

Dryad membership brings significant value to institutions as such we recognize that any metric for assessing fees we chose might not seem equitable to every institution. Therefore, we are asking institutions to self-determine your level of commitment. Below are some parameters you may use, but you make the decision about which level corresponds most closely to your institution’s resources.

Size of Institution Suggested Examples for Determining Size
Level I R3 or FTE under 5K or less than $50M in research grant funding.
Level II R2 or FTE 5K - 10K or $50M - $300M in research grant funding.
Level III RI or FTE +10K FTE or +$300M in research grant funding.

For more information on membership, please see the membership page or contact

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