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Publishers, societies, universities, libraries, funders, and other stakeholder organizations are invited to connect with Dryad in any or all of the following ways:


Dryad's data packages are like seeds. Dryad is a non-profit membership organization. All stakeholders are encouraged to join; flexible options are available to suit organizations of all sizes. Tap into an active knowledge-sharing network, receive discounts on data publishing fees, and help shape Dryad's future.

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Submission integration

Researchers use Dryad data in their new work. Submission integration is a free service that allows publishers to coordinate manuscript and data submissions. It makes submitting data easy for researchers; makes linking articles and data easy for journals; and enables confidential review of data prior to publication.

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New data is added to Dryad, and the cycle continues. Data Publishing Charges (DPCs) support the cost of keeping Dryad's content free to use. Organizations are encouraged to cover the costs of data publishing on behalf of their community of researchers. Flexible payment plans provide volume discounts, with additional discounts for members.

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