Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is included in a module?

Each module contains everything you need to walk students through a lesson: the data, instructor background, slides with a guide to use, student handouts, assignments, assessment tools, enrichment options, and references for additional resources.

What if I need to adapt the module to my course?

Go ahead. The modules have a liberal reuse license, and educators are free to use the entire module or adapt it to meet the needs of their specific class.

Where can I find similar resources?

Here are a few other data-oriented classroom resources that we are aware of. Please let us know if there are others that you think should be included on this list. [TODO: list other data-oriented classroom resources here]

I am a researcher and/or educator. How can I collaborate with DryadLab to develop a new module either based on my own data, or to fill a particular curricular need?

We encourage researchers to consider developing a DryadLab module in order to achieve broader impact in their research programme. Collaborative work with Dryad would typically be funded by the researcher’s institution or grant. We also welcome expressions of interest from expert educators who are interested in developing a DryadLab module to meet a specific curriculum need. Existing educational modules may be submitted to be considered for inclusion in the DryadLab collection, but will only be accepted after (typically extensive) review and revision. Please contact us if you wish to contribute to the collection in any way.

Have these been tested in the classroom? What if I use your modules and have feedback or suggestions?

Our first modules are being tested in collaboration with a faculty mentoring network organized by QUBES. If you have additional feedback from using these, whether it be a testimonial or a suggestion to help us improve a module, we would love to hear from you.

How do I stay informed about DryadLab?

Please sign up for our low volume mailing list. You can also follow Dryad on twitter at @datadryad.

Who do I contact to give feedback on the website?

Please send your suggestions here

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Last revised: 2014-08-27