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Dryad membership: Institutions

Dryad is a nonprofit membership organization. All stakeholder organizations including publishers, societies, universities, libraries, funders, and others are invited to become members.

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Benefits of Dryad membership

No Data Publishing Charges – All fees will be waived for research data submissions made by researchers affiliated with your institution.

Transparent Reporting - Administrators will have access to a dashboard of all data submission activity from your institution including curation and publishing activity for each dataset.

Branded Instance – Users logging on to Dryad from member institutions will access a custom-branded interface.

Expertly Curated Data – To increase discoverability and extend the impact of researcher’s work, each dataset is thoroughly curated by one of Dryad’s highly skilled staff. This essential step involves applying enhanced metadata and performing other data checks, and ensures future operability.

Archived Copies in Perpetuity – Your researchers’ data publications will be safely stored and backed up in a CoreTrustSeal-certified repository.

Bespoke Services – Dryad is open to working with institutions on an individual basis to develop custom services and alternative partnership opportunities.

Influence the Future – As a member of the Dryad community, you will be invited to Contribute your views and priorities at several Dryad-hosted events throughout the year. Exercise your vote to elect Dryad’s Board of Directors and influence the By-laws. Collaborate on solutions with other institutions facing similar challenges.

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Last revised: 2019-03-07

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