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Dryad welcomes data submissions associated with any published article. We work with journals to integrate article submission with data submission, thus streamlining the process, as well as encourage partners to sponsor their authors' Data Publishing Charges (DPCs). All journals with integrated data submission and/or sponsored DPCs are listed below.

The Data Publishing Charge is $120. If you see an organization listed under "Payment" below, the DPC is covered. In addition, our institutional sponsors fund submissions by their affiliated researchers.

For large data packages (over 20GB), submitters will be charged $50 for each additional 10GB, or part thereof, beyond 20GB. (Packages between 20 and 30GB = $50, between 30 and 40GB = $100, and so on).

When to submit*

  • D = submit your data first, provide Dryad DOI when you submit your manuscript
  • R = submit your MS first, then await journal instructions for data submission and review
  • A = submit your MS first, then submit your data to Dryad upon article acceptance

Journal name Submission policies Payment
  Integrated When to submit* Data embargo allowed Metadata hidden until publication Sponsor/Cost to submitter
If your journal is not listed below... N A Y Y $120

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Last revised: 2016-01-05

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