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Dryad is a non-profit organization that developed out of a collaboration among researchers, librarians, and journal editors to support research data preservation and advance the culture of open science. Our values as community owned, shared infrastructure remain aligned with the values of our members. View our membership policy.

Let’s work together to promote a world where research data is openly available, integrated with the scholarly literature, and routinely re-used to create knowledge.

You’re already working with data - here's how Dryad can help:

  • focuses on data that underlies scholarly literature, is linked to the literature, and is openly available
  • works with data from a broad range of fields and formats
  • provides high visibility and discoverability of data
  • curates all data packages to ensure the validity of the files and metadata
  • provides data free to the public under CC0 terms of reuse
  • cares about long-term preservation of research objects

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Last revised: 2019-03-06

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