Payment plans and Data Publishing Charges

Payment plans and Data Publishing Charges 

Dryad is a nonprofit organization that provides long-term access to its contents at no cost to researchers, educators or students, irrespective of nationality or institutional affiliation. Dryad's Data Publishing Charges (DPCs) are designed to sustain its core functions by recovering the basic costs of curating and preserving data. (See a breakdown of Dryad's expenses).

Members provide financial support and may receive discounts on DPCs. Contact to become a Dryad member, sponsor, or both.

The base DPC per data package is $120. Waivers are granted upon request for submissions originating from researchers based in countries classified by the World Bank as low-income or lower-middle-income economies.

Sponsoring data publication

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Organizations (including publishers, scientific societies, libraries, funders, and others) are encouraged to cover the costs of data publishing on behalf of their community of researchers. For instance:

  • a society or publisher may sponsor the DPCs for all the authors of its journals, or
  • a funder, University library, lab or research group may purchase a block of prepaid vouchers to cover future data submissions from its researchers.

Dryad offers flexible payment plan options that provide volume discounts. (Sustainer and Supporter-level members receive additional discounts).

Use our online payment plan comparison tool to compare the annual cost of Dryad's plan options.

Payment Plan Description Cost per data package: Sustainer/Supporter members Cost per data package: All others
Subscription Unlimited number of submissions for a fixed cost annual fee based on $40 per published research article annual fee based on $50 per published research article
Usage-based Payment based on actual number of submissions (choose prepaid or deferred) $95 prepaid
$105 deferred
$105 prepaid
$115 deferred

Subscription plan

A journal (or journals) with an active subscription may make an unlimited number of submissions for a fixed, up-front cost. Publishers or groups that publish more than one journal can set up a subscription to cover all or any number of journals. The cost is calculated based on the total number of research articles published by the journal(s) in the prior year. The minimum contract duration is two years. Submission integration is required for subscribing journals.

Usage plan

Under this plan, organizations pay for the actual number of data submissions Dryad receives. Organizations can either purchase a block of vouchers for future submissions (prepaid) at an additional discount, or be invoiced for the number of packages submitted by your authors in the previous quarter (deferred).

  • Prepaid vouchers: The minimum purchase is 25 vouchers. Vouchers can be used on any submission for any publication.
  • Deferred payment: Organizations will be invoiced quarterly for the number of packages submitted by their authors in the previous quarter. Participants must enter into a contract of at least one year in duration and may cap the number of submissions for which they are charged.

Please contact to discuss which payment plan would be most suitable for your organization.

Excess data storage

Dryad charges excess storage fees for data packages totaling over 20GB. These overage fees are charged to the submitter, even if there is a sponsor in place for the DPC.

For data packages in excess of the 20GB size limit, submitters will be charged $50 for each additional 10GB, or part thereof. (Packages between 20 and 30GB = $50, between 30 and 40GB = $100, and so on).

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