Submission integration

Submission integration 

Submission integration is a free service that allows journal publishers to coordinate the submission of manuscripts with submission of data to Dryad.

The integration process works with many different online manuscript processing systems. It is lightweight and customizable to each journal's needs.

Contact us to integrate your journal now.

Benefits of integration

  • Simplify the process of data submission for authors.
  • Allow authors to deposit, to a single repository, gigabytes of data files in their original formats.
  • Help ensure compliance with journal data policy.
  • Have the option of making data available for editorial or peer review, via secure access for editors and reviewers.
  • Ensure bidirectional links between the article and the data, and increased visibility for both.
  • Ensure that the data is freely accessible once the article becomes available online.
  • Give authors the option to embargo public access to data for a limited time after publication, if permitted by the journal's data policy.

See a list of currently integrated journals.

We welcome submission integration for any organization that publishes a scientific journal, regardless of their membership status in the Dryad organization. Please contact for more information.

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Last revised: 2015-02-16

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